Your Reliable & Experienced Partner in Panama.

IPL Group was born out of a series of continuous service requests from global 3PL’s, distributors, manufacturers and retailers looking to have a reliable and experienced partner in Panama who could serve their business needs to Latin America while meeting their customers service expectations following global security, service, process, quality and visibility standards.

While still complying with fast execution and reasonable costs, those requests were the trigger for our founders to dream and later to introduce an agile and fast-moving warehousing and distribution provider based in Panama serving global companies in their distribution needs. We are built to support our client’s business needs in Latin America by maximizing the Panama Logistics platform assets to quickly adapt processes to meet business needs and exceed our clients expectations.

We have assembled a team Laser-focused on customer satisfaction, following simple, and efficient processes, through real-time visibility applying state-of-the-art technology, offering first-class value-added services as the main elements to accomplish our service commitment.

Meet Our Founders.

We are passionate individuals who become a team that believe in innovation and continuous growth, by doing amazing things for our clients and partners every day, always sharing with our community.

DEMO PEREZChief Commercial Officer
His beginnings on the industry wherein 1997 on the courier business working for the most relevant companies in the field in the Colon Free Zone. In 2005 started leading a rising 3PL in the Colon Free Zone becoming the fastest and most innovative service provider in the market by 2019. During his career, he has been involved in over 200 regional distribution projects for global companies. Demostenes was the president of the Panama Logistics Council from 2017-2018.
DANIEL ISAZAChief Executive Officer
With Over 30 years in the logistics industry, Daniel has a strong background on freight forwarding, Project cargo management, and working on projects such as the Panama Canal expansion. Due to his long time work on the development of the Panama Logistics Platform, Daniel is a well-known logistics executive and consultant. Daniel was the first president of the Panama Logistics Council from 2012-2014

“Panama the Latin American supply chain capital”

“We support global companies in in Latin America to scale and grow their business, offering a strong regional market knowledge, the strongest logistics network of proven and seasoned supply chain experts supported by cutting edge technology”

Your business in Latin America.